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The echo training you provided remotely via the Lumify training package was fantastic. I really appreciated your effort to tailor this to my level and needs, and make it work in the challenges that COVID presented with travel restrictions. The training you provided enabled me to develop bedside echo skills that I now use on a daily basis in the clinical environment. 

Dr Nathan Oates FANZCA
VMO anaesthetist

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As an Emergency Physician and retrieval physician, competence in basic ECHO is essential to make better informed decisions about patient care. I have done some training in ECHO previously but am still very much a novice, and have struggled to “put all the pieces together.” After some excellent pre-reading which focussed on what we need to know and be able to do in the resus bay, and two one-on-one sessions via zoom I feel like so many of the jigsaw puzzle pieces have fallen into place. Kellie is able to make complex concepts simple and easy to understand. She is a master at adapting her materials and teaching style to my level of knowledge and having the opportunity to ask the questions I needed answered was invaluable. I cannot recommend her teaching highly enough. It has been exactly what I needed in the way I needed it and I’m looking forward to more!

Dr Samantha Bendall
Emergency Physician and Retrieval Specialist

I can’t speak more highly of the quality of Kellie’s one-on-one TTE sessions. Kellie is a wonderfully enthusiastic educator who makes learning echo fun.  I love how she has been able to build in layers, covering broadly and then going deeper – constantly refining my techniques in getting the best views, skills at making measurements, and my knowledge in echo. Although there is still much to learn, over 12 sessions she has given me the skills to do a full TTE study including measurements of SV, EF, CO, pulmonary pressures, valve areas, diastology, RH function, etc. She has an incredible background in both stable and unstable patients which has helped provide perspective and advice in my sick cohort of patients. This has allowed me to direct better care to many patients with a variety of conditions – of which some of the commoner uses have been patients with ruptured AAAs, patients with AS murmurs who have had either none or no recent TTEs, and patients with extremely poor EFs who have had no repeat TTE after starting medical management. If you want your skill and knowledge acquisition to grow rapidly, you should definitely consider Kellie’s one-on-one sessions.

Dr Mark Ng

Specialist Anaethetist

An excellent workshop. Pre-reading and lectures were very good. However it's hands-on probe time with expert instruction that is critical and Kellie's workshop delivers. Low ratio of delegates to instructors. I think everyone felt competent to obtain cardiac echo images from the four windows, recognise anatomy and use Doppler. Amazing to get so much skill in such a short time.

Dr Jeremy Buttsworth


Just wanted to say that was an awesome weekend.  A great learning experience and a great sense of camaraderie with everyone. I will be certainly recommending this course to others. Hopefully will catch up next year at a refresher.

Dr Chris Clohesy

Remote medical practitioner

On Monday I got a new diagnosis: SAM with outflow tract obstruction, septum 1.7cm, asymmetric apical movement in a lady 36 weeks pregnant and no previous diagnosis. She is now going to deliver in the city with new HOCM diagnosis. Probably would have died if had LUSC in the bush, so one life saved from your course.

Rural doctor

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Participants at our Pre-Hospital Echo workshop have access to the Mediquip Vimedix cardiac ultrasound simulator. This innovative technology provides a realistic learning experience, including a range of simulated pathologies. 


In collaboration with the Monash Emergency and Critical Care Special Interest Group (MECCSIG), from Monash University, our Taste of Echo workshop helps medical students gain an appreciation of cardiac ultrasound skills and applications early in their career.  

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