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Advanced “Diastolic Dysfunction
& Measurements made easy”
- POCUS Cardiac

This one day workshop provides a comprehensive insight into LV diastology & common measurements used at the bedside. It provides the delegate with the skill of advanced integration of echocardiography information for clinical decision making. Knowing how and why the heart relaxes is just as important as how it contracts. The workshop is designed with an emphasis on the practical application of skill - lots of hand on scanning time - mixed with mini lectures - Guest speaker Emergency Specialist Dr Mark Rugless. If you want to take your point of care cardiac ultrasound skills to the next level then this is the course for you.

Learning outcomes:

  • Describe and understand diastolic function & dysfunction (grading) using Doppler heamodynamic’s & LA volume. 

  • Perform required measurements to determine grading of diastolic dysfunction.

  • Understand theory & application of left and right heart systolic function.

  • Assess valvular function using Doppler heamodynamic’s.


Application of measurements include; Mitral valve inflow velocities; Pulmonary Vein Doppler; Lateral and Medial DTI; LA volume; RVSP; EF; PAct to determine mPAP; along with optional extra measurements of FAC, C.O, SV, C.I, AVA, TAPSE, RV Sm & more. 

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