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Advanced “Diastolic Dysfunction
& Measurements made easy”
- POCUS Cardiac

This one day workshop will provide comprehensive insight into LV diastology & common measurements used at the bedside. Providing the delegate with the skill of integration of echocardiography information for clinical decision making.

Learning outcomes: Describe diastolic function & dysfunction (grading) using Doppler heamodynamic’s & LA volume. Understand theory & application of left & right heart systolic function: Assess valvular function using doppler heamodynamic’s.


Application of measurements include; RVSP, FAC, C.O, SV, C.I, AVA, TAPSE, RV Sm, PAT, mPAP, LA volume, EF, DPI & more. An integrated format designed combining, pre-reading, mini lectures (Guest speaker Dr Mark Rugless POCUS-Diastolic) & practical (emphasis) will be utilized.

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